Mac and Pearse Live: Esoteric Writing and Melzer’s Philosophy Between the Lines


In this ep, Pearse and I discuss the history of esoteric writing as presented by Arthur Melzer in Philosophy Between the Lines. We discussed the Bible, Swedenborg, Gnosticism, philosophy, and why hidden meanings in texts are sometimes appealing, sometimes annoying. We also spoke on the utility of deriving social value systems from The Simpsons, The Office, and Star Wars.


Dealing with Worry During the Pandemic


Well, we're living in a pandemic, and that means social distancing, self isolation and, for some, quarantine. How are you dealing with feelings of worry, anxiety, and concern? Here are five tips on things you can do to manage your spiritual health as we all get through this together.

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Dealing with Coronavirus, Covid, Social Distancing, and Church


Once again, my brother and I talked about whatever was on our mind. In this case, coronavirus, covid, pandemics, and social distancing were definitely on our minds. We discussed ways to maintain and strengthen social connections while following social distancing recommendations, using technology for fun and for church, and the general importance of human beings being in community with one another.

Original video here.

Mac and Pearse Live: Youseetimmy, Daylight Savings Is EVIL


In this episode of the Mac and Pearse Thing ("The Mapt"?), brothers Pearse and Mac Frazier spoke about board games, the Assyrian siege of King Hezekiah's Jerusalem, old Lassie episodes, interactive preaching, and the evil that is Daylight Savings Time.

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Forgiveness 2: How to Forgive When It’s Difficult


Sometimes you get into a conflict with someone and want to forgive them and move on, but it’s hard. How do you do it? In this video, I’ll give you a three step checklist to help you be a more forgiving person, even when forgiveness is difficult. This is the audio from the YouTube video, "How to Forgive When It's Difficult", at The Big Idea, with Mac Frazier.

Mac and Pearse Live: The Mindful Goalie


On this week's Mac and Pearse Show, I spoke with my brother about being an emergency backup goalie for my wife's hockey team, how Flyers goalie Carter Hart uses mindfulness to be a better goalie, how meditation helps my life, why worshiping and praying with others is valuable, and other stuff.

The original video on YouTube:

Forgiveness 1: Forgiving Is Letting Go


Forgiving is letting go. But of what? And why is it so hard?

Forgiveness Series: Introduction - Forgiveness Is Important


Forgiveness is important if you want to live a happy life. Inevitably you will have times in your life in which either seeking someone's forgiveness or offering forgiveness to someone who has wronged you will be a key to healing and peace. I have been studying and speaking on the subject for a number of years, and this is the first of several videos I am offering on the topic.

Mac and Pearse Live: Can You Forgive Us?


In the first episode of our (sorta) weekly live show, my brother Pearse Frazier and I talk about all sorts of things, including the subject of forgiveness. This originally appeared as a live video stream on Facebook, and is also available on my YouTube Channel, The Big Idea, with Mac Frazier.

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